Retail Products

Pacific Pest Control also has retail products for you to purchase! 

If you are having a party and are concerned with flies, we have a variety of fly sticks and traps that will reduce the amount of flies near the food table.  This will give you more time to socialize instead of chasing flies away with a paper plate.


       Catchmaster Gold Stick                                          Fly Relief Trap


      Fly Patrol              Insect Ultra Inn               Terminator

For your office, restaurant or store, Pacific Pest Control has a variety of fly lights that will fit your need.  These lights are designed to look like decorative pieces in order to disguise their true purpose.


           T-Rex Snap Trap           Victor Snap Trap              Masterline Glue Boards

Got a rat problem?  Pacific Pest Control has a variety of snap traps and glue boards to get rid of those pesky rodents.  These traps work well around homes, offices, restaurants and warehouses. 
If you purchase any one of our retail products, we will give you directions and suggestions on how to effectively use them at no extra charge.  Give us a call today for prices and the best way to use these products.

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