Termite Programs

Q : What Kind of Termites are there on Guam?
A : There are three species of termites on Guam; Drywood, Subterranean and Formosan.  Subterranean are the most common on Guam.  These termites are the ones who build the mud tubes you see on walls and trees.
Q : Where do termites come from?
A : Termite colonies are located underground.  They can nest underground near rotting tree stumps or where they can have moist soil.  Termites have also been know to nest inside a structure (hotels or large office buildings) never having access to the ground. 
Q : Why do you have to trench or drill along the exterior of my home?
A : The reason for this is to get the chemical into to the soil at the required depth in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.  The best way to protect yourself from termites is to place a barrier around your home.
Q : Why do you have to sub-slab inside?
A : In some extreme cases, it is necessary to do this in order to protect the home for a long period of time.  We do not do this with every home, only when it is absolutely needed.
Q : How long does I-Maxx Pro last?
A : We use I-Maxx Pro with our Termite Shield Program.  With this program Pacific Pest Control is offering a 5-year warranty. 
Q : Do we have to evacuate our home?
A : No.  There is no need for you or your pets to leave the property.  The chemicals are safe to use around people and pets.
Q : Is the chemical safe?
A : The chemicals that we use are EPA approved and there is no need to evacuate your home during our treatment.  What we use for our termite programs are engineered to only attack the health of a termite, it won't affect your health or the health of your pets.
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