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Q : What kind of termites are on Guam?
A : There are currently three species of termites on Guam; Drywood, Fermosan and Subterranean.
Q : Where do termites come from?
A : Termite colonies are located underground.  They are usually found near rotting wood (dead trees, old pallets, firewood, etc.).  They also need a water source, areas where the ground is moist because of a water run-off or a leaky faucet.  If there are termites located around your home, eventually they may enter the interior of your home if no previous treatment has been done.
Q : Where do ants come from?
A : Ants live around plants and trees.  They nest in the soil in moist areas such as mulch and other micro-habitats.  They enter your home through gaps under the doors, conduits, drains, gaps around windows and also by 'hitchhiking' on people.
Q : How do I get rid of fruit flies?
A : Best way to get rid of fruit flies is to treat their breeding source.  These sources can be dirty drains, over-ripened fruits/produce and stagnant/slimey water.  By cleaning the areas mentioned above and removing over-ripened fruits/produce you can reduce the amount of fruit fly infestation.
Q : Where are roaches most likely to be found?
A : Roaches like moist areas with limited light.  These areas include behind refrigerators, water heaters and under sinks.  They also like tight places such as between walls or along plumbing.
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