Treatment Methods

Q : How do you get rid of ants in my house?
A : There are many ways to get rid of ants and Pacific Pest Control always starts with the safest method.  Our professionally trained technicians will identify the ant then, either bait or spray OR a combination of both to gain control of the ants in your home.  You will also receive some free advise and consultation on how to modify food storage and landscaping to reduce the amount of infestation. 
Q : Do you have to be certified to be a pest control technician?
A : Yes.  Our technicians are EPA certified to use pesticides properly and safely.  We carry our certification cards with us, so don't hesitate to ask to see it.
Q : How long does I-Maxx Pro last?
A : We use I-Maxx Pro with our Termite Shield Program.  With this program Pacific Pest Control is offering a 5-year warranty. 
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