Eliminate Termites with our Termite Shield Program

Pacific Pest Control’s unique Termite Shield program comes with a 5-year warranty and a 100% money back guarantee for residential customers. There is no need to evacuate during the treatment process since the chemical is safe to use around people and pets. 

Pacific Pest Control’s Termite Shield program creates a treated zone around your home or building.  This treated zone will effectively eliminate any subterranean termites that try to enter your home.  Included in our Termite Shield is an interior treatment.  The interior of your home or building includes treating door jambs, shelves with infestation and cabinets.

Preparations before treatment

  1. Secure all personal belongings or items of high value
  2. Remove loose furniture at least 3 feet away from all interior walls
  3. Remove all items at least 3 feet away from all exterior walls
  4. Remove all items from furniture, shelves or drawers that are permanently affixed to the wall or floor

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