Get Effective, Reliable Control With Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System

Pacific Pest Control is able to treat your home for termites without having to place a chemical barrier.  We place bait stations like the one pictured above and monitor them regularly.  Once subterranean termite activity is found we insert a "treated bait" and let the termites feast on that.  The "treated bait" is designed to eliminate an entire colony of subterranean termites rather than those that you see on the surface. 
Hex-Pro Termite Baiting System has had over 10 years of success in the US and is now available for you with a 5-year warranty. Once the "treated bait" is inserted you will see immediate results.  The stations are placed and monitored by trained professionals giving you peace of mind.

Preparations before treatment
  1. Secure all personal belongings or items of high value
  2. Remove loose furniture at least 3 feet away from all interior walls
  3. Remove all items at least 3 feet away from all exterior walls
  4. Remove all items from furniture, shelves or drawers that are permanently affixed to the wall or floor


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